Nacomi - cold pressed cosmetic grade inca inchi oil 50ml -

Nacomi - cold pressed cosmetic grade inca inchi oil 50ml

Recommended for mature, dry and dry skin - anti-wrinkle, tightening effect. Used for facial skin, body, hair and nails.

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  • Polityka bezpieczeństwa (edytuj za pomocą modułu „Bezpieczeństwo klienta”) Polityka bezpieczeństwa (edytuj za pomocą modułu „Bezpieczeństwo klienta”)
  • Zasady dostawy (edytuj za pomocą modułu „Bezpieczeństwo klienta”) Zasady dostawy (edytuj za pomocą modułu „Bezpieczeństwo klienta”)
  • Zasady zwrotu (edytuj za pomocą modułu „Bezpieczeństwo klienta”) Zasady zwrotu (edytuj za pomocą modułu „Bezpieczeństwo klienta”)


  • Oil is 100% natural and unrefined, which means it has all its beneficial ingredients and was cold pressed.
  • It has the ability to rebuild collagen. The effect of smoothing and elasticity of the skin, as a result, wrinkles are noticeably reduced, as can be seen in the second week of use. 
  • The oil soothes irritations and redness. If we dry our skin with a bad choice of cosmetics and already appear on it the first wrinkles, this Inca Inchi oil will certainly handle this.


  • It has a very high content of unsaturated fatty acids (even 92% of the total weight of the oil - making it the record holder among all natural vegetable oils). 
  • In oil composition we also find vitamin E and A and a whole range of fatty acids - omega-3 alpha-linolenic (up to 54%) and omega-6 linoleic (33%) and protein.


Properties and use in cosmetics:
  • great for all skin types
  • ideal for mature skin as it has a strong anti-wrinkle effect
  • also suitable for oily and acne skin
  • works well for sensitive, atopic and flaky skin – it moisturizes and reduces hypersensitivity
  • for cracks, scratches, allergic rashes, for psoriasis and inflammation of the skin
  • is included in light velvet oils
  • recommended for eye area
  • we can use it to massage to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy
  • improves flexibility, affects the production of collagen
  • also recommended for hair care, giving them softness, silky and glossy
  • contains high levels of unsaturated fatty acids so it penetrates deep into the skin, replenishes and strengthens the lipid barrier.
  • brings relief to skin irritated with excessive tanning, reduces stains
  • has a strong antioxidant and protective effect
  • regular use improves skin tone

Method of use:
  • This oil is quickly absorbed, it can be used instead of night cream. In the morning our skin will be soft and radiant. 
  • After evening cleansing, we can pat a small amount of oil and make a gentle facial massage. Used regularly, it smoothes the skin color and subtle brightens it. 
  • It works well as under makeup cream. 
  • Frequently it used alone as a pure oil is applied to the face, body and hair.

Data sheet

Data sheet
Product capacity
50 ml
Skin Type
All skin types
With spots
With wrinkles
All hair types
Stretch marks